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About Us

Why S.O.S.?

Sisters Overcoming Stigma was created as a response to an epidemic… a cancer that still continues. Go on to public spaces online like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of negatives memes, messages, and videos spewing vitriolic rage towards black girls and women. These horrifying messages range from the demeaning to the deranged, some even rallying rape and violence against black girls and women. These messages, in their multitude, are meant to rob us of our humanity, discourage empathy and compassion for our unique challenges from others, and leave us vulnerable and unprotected.

While these hateful images have been in plain sight, little to nothing as a collective has been done to quell the waves of negativity. Right now, a 12-year-old African American girl can sign on to YouTube, type in “black women are” in the search bar, and be brought to shock and tears. The message also matches the music, with hip hop artists using us as fodder for mockery, violence, and sexual exploitation. National feminist organizations have known about this debasement for decades, and have done little for bring awareness. We are good for lip service and numbers boosting, but sadly, not worth fighting for any real way.

S.O.S. is a clarion call. It started when a group of supporters of the humanity of black women banded together to explore the possibility of forming an anti-defamation group that collectively will fight to rewrite the narrative, educate and empower African American girls and women, and stand up for our humanity by affecting policy and public opinion. We aim to be the watchdog of those who have used and abused black women on free public platforms and aim to hold those outlets accountable for the vitriolic hate speech they allow on their space. S.O.S. will do so by any legal means necessary, including rallying supporters to target advertisers who patronize these platforms.

But S.O.S. will not simply be a reactionary force. We aim to positively influence black girls and women through education, collaboration, and inspiration. This website aims to build a safe and supportive online community, with essays, applicable news, outreach programs, and online clinics with expert guests.

Sisters Overcoming Stigma will fight both the internal and external struggles American black girls and women have faced, unheeded, for centuries. We aim to shape young minds and provide healing for those who have been damaged. Our goal is to elevate the next generation with help and hope, from the individual to the collective.

Founded by Black women, S.O.S. is a registered nonprofit corporation seeking 501(c)(3) status. We aim for 100% transparency in our spending and hope to eventually grow the organization offline through educational events, mixers, and conferences.

Our Goal:

The establishment of a nonprofit organization that will contribute to the aims of helping Black women defend themselves against negative stereotypes and defamation of their character in society at large. Information, support, and resources will be shared to overcome defamation of all sorts in order to improve the social standing and image of Black women and girls globally.